Saturday, 17 September 2011

Gmelina Arborea ( Kumil, White teak, Gamar)

Gmelina Arborea is one of the fast growing tree and has good timber value. It can grow in all type of soils (fertile or poor, water logging to be avoided). It can grow moderate to large height up to 30 m with girth of 1.2 to 4. It will give good returns in 8-10 years.

Other names are: sagwan teak, kashmir  teak, ummithekku, Shewan, Gamar tree, Gamhar tree

Method of planting (Cultivation / Plantation):
If irrigation facility is not available, start of the rainy season is good time for planting. Seedling is available from the nurseries (rs 10 -15 per sapling).
Pit size needed for planting is 2 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet.
Spacing needed between each sapling is 10-12 feet. Good spacing is needed for better growth of girth and height. Support pole is needed while planting (first 6 months) since sapling may easily break by wind or animals. If irrigation possible, you can irrigate in 2-3 weeks interval. Side branches growing is more in it, so proper pruning is needed in regular intervals. Inter crops such as black gram, groundnut, pepper etc can cultivated up to 3-4 years. No of trees can be planted per acre is 400-600 trees. It can be harvested in 8-10 years.

It can yield 500*8000 = rs 40,00000/acre  in 8-10 years.

Gmelina arborea can be used as substitute to teak wood (Tectona grandis). Gmelina arborea is used in paneling, carriages, furniture, carpentry, boxes and also for plywood industries. Timber can be used for doors and window panels. It can be used in paper and match industries. The roots and fruits are used in Ayurveda medicine.
Some of the pictures are here:
Gmelina Arborea( Kumil , Sagwan) Pictures | Innovative farming solutions


  1. 40,00000 per acre ? what is the cost per Cubic Feet ?

  2. it will be abound rs 1500/cubic feet

    1. appreciation for posting very useful information through this post..
      Will you please guide what are the current rates of gmelina wood and what's the market demand ..
      Please guide

  3. Good information. Thanks for sharing.
    Is it possible to plant both melia dubia and Gmelina Arborea in alternate rows. If yes, what is the spacing required?

  4. you can grow in alternate rows and have to maintain 10-12 feet spacing.

  5. I thinki this Gmelina Arborea ( Kumil, White teak, Gamar) is very good for health and also for the recovery of many diseases.

    ddr2 ram

  6. can i used gmelaina wood for furniture like beds and wardrobe

  7. Hi, I want to start the Gamhar plantation in 12 acre of land for commercial purpose and another !20 acre of land for forest restoration, can anyone provide me with proper knowhow or details regarding the same. i.e. manures, irrigation, disease, maintenance etc. Pls mail me @...

  8. 40.00000/acre in 8-10years? what,s growth Rt of girth & hight of each plant ?

  9. Iam a coffee grower lives in sakleshpur.according to my knowledge,gmelina arboria needs a minimum of 20 feet spacing and takes minimum 25 years to gain a girth of 3 feet at 4feet trunk hight. timber is used for all types of furnitures,doors,windows and carvings.timber value and demand is good.moreover it is jungle wood and not reservewood,so documentation for felling is easy compared to reserve wood kinds.

  10. sir i want to sell 7 years old kumil trees please help to find buyers

  11. i am from ratnagiri maharashtra .how can get these plants for does it regrows after cutting

  12. let me know where i can find these plants nearby bangalore. , 9900355203

  13. Hi, I am from Nagpur. I want to sell standing Shivan trees.I would like to know the purchasers of the trees. To whom I should approach.

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  15. Hi, I am from Nagpur. I want to sell standing Shivan trees.I would like to know the purchasers of the trees. To whom I should approach. Email

  16. Hi, I am from Nagpur. I want to sell standing Shivan trees.I would like to know the purchasers of the trees. To whom I should approach. Email

  17. Hi all..very informative article..may I know what's the prevailing rate of gmelina wood in India and how big the demand for this wood farmers find it difficult to sell the trees or wood of this tree or can this be sold easily..
    Could some one please comment.

  18. Also could some one compare paulownia tree and wood with gmelina , whisk us financially more viable

  19. Hi 🙋 everyone, if gmelina is planted more than ten feet apart they will tends to produce many branches. Which will require you to trim them often. Am an Agricultural Engineer in Nigeria


    We export to INdia and Bamgladesh!


  21. Dear Sir,
    I have 10 years grown Kumil trees in 3 acres of land,how can I sell those trees,if anyone needs please contact us on 9486959341
    D.viswanathan (Tamil nadu)