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Melia Dubia (Malai vembu)

One of the major problem in today's agriculture is reducing income year by year. The land values are increased and  income from agriculture is reduced due to increased cost for labors, increase in cost of cultivation and increase in transportation cost. Because of that farmers are selling land and looking for other business. So we need to think of good income from agriculture by reducing labors and increasing yield. In today's picture, the middle men are earning the good income from agriculture products, and the farmer who produces getting less from what he produced. Since the many short term crops need more labors, transportation and inventory cost, the final gain for the farmers are very less. To make good revenues as per acre, we need to cultivate medium to long term crops keeping the cost to minimal and also good revenue in future.

Melia Dubia Plants

Melia Dubia is one of the fast growing tree and give good returns. It can be used in match or biomass or plywood industries. After 3 years, 30-40 tons of biomass/acre can be harvested upto 10 years. The price of wood per ton is rs 2000-4000. so one can get minimum revenue of 2000*30 = rs 60000/acre every year.
30% of the trees we leave without cutting for 8 years means it can be used in plywood industries which will fetch rs 6000-10000 per tree( 6000*300 = rs 18,00000). 


Once we decide to cultivate the tree means first  go with good seedling collection from Forest Departments. When direct sowing the seed without treatment , the germination percentage is less(20%). So we do alternate soaking and drying in cold water, the period of germination is 20 days and 75% germination is expected. Those having difficulty in germination, can get the seedlings(sapling) from the plant nurseries.

Then we start planting in beginning of the  rainy season, so irrigation is minimal or can use drip irrigation for 2 years.

The suggested Pit size is 2 feet x 2 feet.  10x10  feet spacing is needed for better girth.
Procedure of planting:

 1) Dig the pit and keep it open for 1-2 weeks.

 2) Then close the pit with the soil available with digging.

 3) After 2 days, open the pit slightly 1/2 feet , put organic manure(Vermicompost) of 0.5 kg for each pit and plant the seedling. If sapling  height is more, can use support pole for each pit to avoid breaking of sapling.

 4) And irrigate in same day.

Melia dubia has 90% less side branches, so less labors are needed to maintain.
Upto 5 years, ground nut, chilli, turmeric, blackgram as inter crops can be cultivated.
Timely weeding and pruning is needed and also practice IPM and IDM.


  1. How is IPM and IDM done? If possible, could you consider doing a blog post on this.

  2. For info about IPM and IDM, please visit:
    Information is plenty at that blogspot.

  3. can you pls tell me that by planting 1000 plants in 1 acres and cutting 300 every 3rd year and leaving 300 for timber till tenth year will not effect the last 300 plants growth . i m very serious for this cultivation pls give me or advice me detailed reports along with the biomass purching indusrties . thanks

    1. Hi . Did u plant the malabar neem . I am a farmervfrom pune. I want to plant if it is good.

    2. Hi . Did u plant the malabar neem . I am a farmervfrom pune. I want to plant if it is good.

  4. melia dubia plants . sorry

  5. How do you thin them giving uniform space in between, Pls give the planting time distance and thinning procedure.

  6. i am planning to cultivate 300 to 400 trees per acer .. is it good?

  7. hello i am maharaj singh from up.could anybody tell me what would be the distance plant to plant and row to rowfor milea dubia plantation and what can be kharif crop in betwen

  8. I have planted in 2.5 acres land I am givng water once a week.Do they need any fertilize?

  9. @Sankar, Hello this is Balaji from Chennai. Hope you know more about this now as you have done it to try it out. I am interested to learn more about this from your experience.

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  11. Is there any one who already harvested the crop. If so, please share with us the marketing channels and where they sold it & Buyers contact details. Please help us.

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  13. it is true much profit for minimum 1 acre.i am intrest in that
    vc arun

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  20. Can anyone please tell me what is the name of melia dubia in kannada called?

  21. It is called Hebbevu in Kannada

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  23. Hi Friends,

    I wanted to know more about the Malai Vembu cultivation, So can anybody tell me that any Malai Vembu farms located near by chennai. i wanted to visit straightaway. please provide some contacts.

  24. sir i want to grow melia dubia in 30 acre so please guide me is it profitable ?