Saturday, 27 August 2011


Gandhiji said agriculture is the backbone of India. Because of agriculture is the most predominant sector of the economy of India. But now this is steadily declining due to industrialization and real estate business. So our back bones are damaged due to Urbanization. Not exactly urbanization, it is full of money making business through damaging agricultural lands into plots. It is not going around the major cities, even in remote villages also all agricultural lands become plots. This is because of huge money making in a short span of time. One thing bad about this is not even single farmers get any benefits from this. Only mediators got all the gains. According to facts and figures in Tamilnadu this is going more comparatively all other states. See the picture below, where good fertile land fenced and changed in to plots.
Farm Land to plot
What it says? Nobody wants to do agriculture or nothing benefit in agriculture.
Is it our farmers not capable of making money through agriculture? Young generation has to think it. Even many countries had succeeded in agriculture, but we can't. The reason is our farmers not following updated technologies in agriculture and also younger generation rapidly moves out of villages due to education and white-collar jobs and that is also worst hit this sector. We have to change it.


  1. At this rate, soon farm land price will be out of reach for many farmers. Even Indian corporate companies going to Africa for contract farming.

    Hopefully technological advances in Ag like UHD, Hydrophonics will compensate for some of the lost farm land.

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