Sunday, 16 October 2011

Live natural and be healthy - II

1.Wrightia antidysentrica(Snow flake,Milky way, veppala maram): We afraid of fruits because of ripening methods. Especially banana, sappota, mango fruits. For making profit easily majority of the fruit vendors using calcium carbides for ripening the fruits. Even very raw fruits also ripened with in one night by using the calcium carbide. Government also taking necessary steps to prevent this. But they cant control fully because of more needs of fruits. But people should have think it off. It creates more health problems like vomiting, dysentery etc. If we use regularly means we can lead to heavy health problems also. For that we can the traditional ripening methods. It is very easy and no harmful effects also. Use snow lake leaves for ripening the fruits especially bananas. Bunches of banana kept in a sac and put snow flake leaves means it can ripe with in two days. It gives too good taste. It can be used all fruits ripening also. This plant also used in veterinary medicines particularly for cattle.

Calcium carbide
calcium carbide

snow white
snow white
2. Leucas aspera(Tumbe,Thumbai): This one is commonly seen every where as a weed. But we are not aware of this medicinal uses. Flowers and leaves are used  for inflammation, skin diseases, worm infestation, arthritis, cough, amenorrhea, intermittent fever, Migraine and ulcer. We don't need any formulations for using this plant, just crush it and extract the juice and can be taken as a medicine for above diseases.
tumbe plant
3. Rangpur lime(Kolumnigi) (Citrus limonia Osbeck):
                                                                 This is one of the citrus species. But urban people know only about common lime , sweet lime and orange varieties. It is very common in rural areas. It can be grown in most of the soils and resistant to pests and diseases. It is little bit acidic and different in appearance from other citrus varieties. It can be used for cold and coughs. It is very good for children for cold as a natural medicine.

Rangpur lime

4.Tridox procumbens(Tridox daisy, Vettu kai poondu):
                                                                                 Commonly we can seen in road sides also . This is one of the weed. But it has good medicinal values . It is used for wounds and it will stop the blood bleeding in wounds suddenly. Whole plant juice extract is used.
Tridox sp
 5.Phyllanthus Niruri (Kella nellai): It has wide range of medicinal uses. Phyllanthus has been used to treat jaundice, dysentery, diabetes, skin diseases, liver diseases, ulcers, cough and other bronchial diseases.Whole plants are used in Ayurvedic  formulations.  Clinical studies stats that Phyllanthus juice extract has the great efficacy in the treatment of hepatitis B.Nowadays it is grown as commercial crop. The market price is Rs.45 /kg  dried herb.



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