Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Live natural and be healthy

    Nowadays all people running behind the organic products for the name-sake and afraid of health hazards. But we are neglecting our local plants that can be raised in any adverse conditions and without using any in-organic materials. Those crops we would have seen very frequently but we are not aware of the benefits. Some of the useful plants are:
monthan banana
Monthan Banana
1. Monthan banana:
This varieties almost gone in cities. Rarely used in villages, but it has more medicinal values. It is mainly used for reducing heat in our body system. Monthan fruit is used for chicken-pox patients. It helps to reduce the fever and heat level. Taste also too good compared to other varieties.

Albizia amara
2. Wunja maram(Albizia amara): Nowadays all are
running behind the shampoos and conditioners for their shining hairs. But if we use the wunja mara leaves powder (Arappu) means hair looking too shining and good growth compared to any other good brands of shampoos.
The leaves and pods of Albizia amara serve a natural conditioner for the hair while washing hair. Even barks also used as conditioner. It reduces heat of the body, it softens the hair, and it’s a very good product for hair.
It is an old method of washing hair and very good for hair growth and nourishment.
It has a sweet-smelling fragrance and has aromatic smell remains naturally in the hair for more than five days.
One of the studies revealed that arappu could soothe the scalp letting the cells to grow around the hair follicles producing a new shoot of hair.
Its froth is said to compete the first class shampoos all over the world when it comes to fragrance and long-lasting odor. And the good thing is, it is very natural and does not have any side effects over time.

Wunja maram

hadjod_pirandai3. Hadjod plant(Pirandai)(Cissus quadrangularis): Hadjod is given in piles, asthma, digestive troubles, cough and loss of appetite. It is recognized as good healer of bone fractures. The stems and roots produce strong fiber. It has the high healing power. And also it is rich in anti-oxidants.  It can be raised through organic inputs only. No need of any inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. So it is good for health without mixing of any chemicals.
The tender stems are used in kitchen. It is the natural remedy for digestive problems. You can prepare chutneys and pickles. The stem of the plant is loaded with rich amount steroids.


  1. There are two kinds of OOnja maram (usilai)Normal one and Silai oonjal one. The potos are of silai oonjal maram. please visit http://agritech.tnau.ac.in for latest state of art technologies on agriculture

    1. so which oonja maram does the hairwash arappu powder come from?

  2. I wish I can email you.
    The problem with arappu powder is adulteration and poor quality sold.
    Can you tell me where to get good quality powder?

    1. Try (iyarkai herbal) arappu powder. It is pure and good quality, available in all stores...

    2. have you actually tried this brand personally and you're not someone from the Iyarkai company, distribution or sales, writing about their own product?

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  5. how to use Monthan banana? wait until it ripens yellow then eat as a fruit? or use it as a cooking banana when it is green when it is small or only when it grows very large? can we have it for weekly cooking or it is better when we feel we need to keep cool and not to be had weekly?

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