Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mr.Narendra Modi's great idea on saving water

      The honorable chief minister of Gujarat Mr.Narendra Modi blogged about one good idea for saving water in long time ago. Again I shared the idea to all people because of the importance of that information. I will thank for the Chief minister for this information sharing.

     Today water scarcity is the major problem in many areas. Saving water is important compared to saving money for future generations. We have to make the green environment. For that this is the great solution in drought prone areas.

      Take a unglazed clay pot and kept it in underground, along with roots of a small plant. Don't put any holes in the pot, just place it in the soil. Then fill the pot with waste water collected from the kitchen. Need not watering for one week to that plant. It serve as the natural drip irrigation. Nowadays we are going a drip irrigation for saving water in the fields, this idea will help to utilize the waste
water to grow gardens.

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