Sunday, 27 November 2011

Parthenium Weed (Parthenium hysterophorus)

Parthenium is a invasive and hazardous weed which is spreading alarming rate in India.  Its germinating is faster and each plant can produce 25000 seeds. It spread by humans, animals and wind. It is affecting the crop production, livestock and humans. It contain the toxic material parthenin which cause dermatitis and respiratory problem in humans. It can grow in wide range of areas such as road side, forests, waste land, crop field etc. and also can grow in all climatic conditions.Even in metro cities also spread all over. It can grow very aggressively and spread in vast areas very quickly.


 In the domestic animals, it will cause reduction in milk, meat and contamination of parthenin. It competes with crops and makes 10%-40% loss in production of crops. This weed is first noted first in 1951 Maharashtra state, now it is spread all over India and dominant in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The weed has growing health problems in urban side. 
Once the plants reach the flowering stage, the pollen from the flowers spread in the air which will cause problem for animals and humans when inhaled.

It can be removed by manual, mechanical and chemical methods. It should be uprooted by manually before its flowering. This method is very effective in road sides and small areas. For larger areas, weed killing chemicals can used(herbicide method) but this can be costlier method when using in large scale. There is no effective method is there to completely remove that. Awareness among the people is important to effectively controlling of this weed.

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