Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mangifera indica(Mango)

                   Mango is one of the most important and also our national fruit. It has more than 100 varieties. India is the highest mango producing country. It has grown over 1.23 million hectares and nearly 11 million tonnes of fruits. The fruits are very favorite among people because of its taste and fragrance. So it is considered as a king of fruits and also best fruit in commercial market. World wide it grown as commercially around 80 countries. Out of this India ranks first in the production as well as area.
                  It can be cultivated wide range of soils and climatic conditions. It is very easy to cultivate. Mango has a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Mango flowers in intermediate time


     Mango tree management is very important to achieve maximum profit in this cultivation. It depends on selection of superior varieties along with proper tree management. Some of the varieties grown in India are: Bangalora(kilimuzhu), Alphonsa, Banganpalli, Neelam, Himsagar, Kesar,  Kishen Bhog, Langra. Apart from that recently many hybrids released from agricultural universities.Some of them are Arka Aruna, Arka Anmol, Mallika, Amrapali etc. Accordng to Tamilnadu conditions, Bangalora is the good variety for better yield.

      There are many different techniques also followed to improve the yield in mango cultivation. One of the technique is ultra high density planting (UHDP). Generally the space between the trees are recommended  10m*10m, but in UHDP they recommend only 4.5m*4.5m. In this method we can plant nearly 895 plants per acre. At this technique, its growth is also controlled. In this technique, the trees are not allowed to grow beyond two metre so that we can manage the tree from diseases and pests. It is also easy to pluck fruits.



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